Mission Statement

L’Observateur is a marketing research company founded in 1984, whose mission is to provide strategic information to businesses and organizations enabling them to make better decisions and act more effectively within their field of activity. L’Observateur succeeds by evaluating and measuring social, cultural and commercial behaviours with time-tested tools adapted to the needs of our customers.

Our Values

L’Observateur is characterized by a corporate philosophy based on rigor, innovation and quality of life; three values which strengthen and stimulate the quality and originality of our work.

  • Rigor

    Observation, measurement and analysis of human, social and economic phenomena require a rigorous methodology which has to be flawless to be truly representative. Furthermore, we guarantee the quality of each stage of the research process.

  • Innovation

    the diversity of situations faced by companies requires the adaptation of the research tools and methodologies to each individual case and, more importantly, the ability to approach each problem with fresh eyes and without preconceived ideas or lines of approach.

  • Quality of Life

    L’Observateur believes that its work environment is reflected directly in the work of its professionals as well as their commitment to the projects they participate into.