Our services

  • Surveys

    Whether administrated by phone, online or face to face, surveys allow you to observe snapshots of phenomena, opinions or behaviours in order to enable you to make a decision and act objectively by knowing your environment.

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  • Customer experience

    The mystery shopper’s visits turn out to be the best way to assess the quality and consistency of services offered to your customers. Moreover, these visits are used to identify weaknesses to be improved and ensure that adjustments are made and respected in the future.

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  • Trainings

    The different trainings offered by L’Observateur are based on more than 25 years of observation of a multitude of markets, human and social behaviours. These different trainings allow you either to improve a particular aspect of your business, or to get more perspective on specific strategic issues. Our company is certified as a trainer by Emploi Québec.

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