You want to get a quick answer to a problem or a situation, but your budgets are limited?

The Omnibus survey of L’OBSERVATEUR can be of great help. Each month, L’OBSERVATEUR questions by phone 1,000 adult Quebecers and offers you the opportunity to survey them by adding your own questions (1-5 questions).

The Omnibus surveys of L’OBSERVATEUR are an effective way to quickly measure various strategic aspects of companies and organizations.

  • The satisfaction level of a product, service, business or organization;
  • The impact of an advertising campaign;
  • The level of awareness of a brand, political personality or event;
  • The rate of purchase or repurchase of a product;
  • The image and the reputation of a trademark, company, organization or public figure;
  • The counterincentives and motivations of the population and the consumers in a life or purchase situation.

Bringing together 1,000 respondents, including 500 in the Montreal area, 250 in the Quebec region and 250 elsewhere in Quebec, the Omnibus from L’OBSERVATEUR delivers results with a sampling error margin of ±3,2%, 19 times out of 20.

The results of the Omnibus from L’OBSERVATEUR are presented in detailed statistical dashboards and five socio-demographic parameters:

  • Age;
  • Education;
  • Family income;
  • Gender;
  • Region of origin (Montreal, Quebec and elsewhere in Quebec).

For approximately $650 by question, the Omnibus from L’OBSERVATEUR gives you access to unpublished results. Data confidentiality is guaranteed.

Lack of time?

Limited budgets?

You do not have the staff to make several hundred calls to your client base?

The Omnibus survey from L’OBSERVATEUR: The Solution