Citizen experience: the key to superior service.

«When the service excellence and citizen satisfaction are in order, the assessment of the Citizen Experience is the best way to establish and maintain standards of service for a municipality. »

«The Citizen Experience and the Mystery Citizen » in the Newsletters from L’Observateur: The Quebecers’ opinions from A to Z »


The CiTe (CItizen TEstimonial) Program from L’Observateur is an invaluable tool for measuring the quality of service in your municipality. We provide full assistance to conduct regular evaluations supported by standards that are tailored to the needs of each organization.

Service quality evaluation helps us to better assist you in making decisions and in implementing measures to increase citizen satisfaction.

We use the CEQI, the Citizen Evaluation Quality Index, in order to give you precise and significant data. Acting as a thermometer, the CEQI converts consumer opinions into figures. All the data obtained is offered to you in the form of a spreadsheet so that you can fully take ownership of the information. Our expertise and scientific approach are a testament to our high quality support.

Mystery citizens

With our team composed of several thousands of participants, the CiTe Program will be implemented by citizens residing in your municipality. The recruitment of mystery citizens will be adapted to your needs, and can be done randomly or by following specific criteria.

The evaluation grid

When conducting evaluations, mystery citizens use scenarios and a detailed evaluation grid containing criteria agreed upon with you. The homogeneity of the measurement methods is thus ensured over time.

After each evaluation, we will give you a statement illustrating the results obtained, along with associated comments from mystery citizens. You will thus be able to easily observe the progress of the service offered in your municipality.