L’OBSERVATEUR provides additional support to companies wishing to maximize the evaluation results of mystery shoppers, by framing the relational context of exchanges that their employees have with the customers.

The Program for improved customer service of L’OBSERVATEUR (PASCO) offers a time-tested program for training and monitoring of the standards for customer service of your business.

This program is based on the assessment of customers’ expectations. They are collected through surveys, and then, they ensure the development of service standards that will meet these expectations on a daily basis. The PASCO program provides the development of simple and measurable service standards, and the creation of specific training for the staff responsible for contact with customers.


Applied to retail businesses, this training program has received recently recognition as part of a mandate in collaboration with Ivanhoe Cambridge-Centre Rockland. Indeed, the PASCO program won a Maple Leaf Gold Award from the ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers). Our customers who used this method of framing their approach to improve the quality of their service are, in this respect, great witness of this success.